Park Skating Workshop @ The Yard - Feb 10

Steph “Shots” Salazar is back for another round of skate park lessons at The Yard indoor skate park on Saturday, February 10!

Based on feedback from the last session we’ve planned things a little differently: each workshop is an hour long with smaller groups (10 skaters versus 15 last time). There’s also 2 different Street workshops - one for skaters with little or no park experience, and one for skaters who have visited a park but want to level up. Hopefully this means everyone gets more specific feedback on the stuff they want to perfect!

On top of your lesson, you also get access to the whole skate park from 7-10PM! This will give everyone time to practice before/after their lesson to get most out of their time with Steph.

We’ll also be hosting an after-party at Ten Toes Coffee House & Laundry on Somerset St. They have beer, wine, treats, and they’ve offered to make some vegetarian pizza for us as well! It’s a short walk or drive from the venue.

About Steph

Steph is a multi-talented athlete and coach with experience in roller derby, artistic and park skating. She’s been roller skating since the age of 5, and she’s competed at a National level and in the Pan American Games representing Team USA. In 2014 she started playing derby with Hogtown Roller Derby, and in 2019 she was a member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Thunder A Travel Team as a Jammer. Steph is also a US National Competitive Ice Dancer and she has over 20 years of coaching experience including as Skating Director for Dr Pepper Star Centre Grapevine Mills Texas (2003-2005).

Workshops and Schedule

Beginner Street (7-8PM)

This is a workshop for skaters who are confident at flat-ground skating but have little or no experience at the skate park. Topics will include learning how to pump, rolling in on banks, jumping on boxes, carving on transitions, basic toestop tricks. Topping it off with learning how to navigate through the skate park comfortably.

Taught in the Street Section of The Yard (upstairs). The Street Section will be open for an hour afterwards for free skating.

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Intermediate Bowl (8-9PM)

This is a workshop for skaters who are confident at park skating and want to level up. Topics may include carving in bowls forward and backwards, getting familiar with the coping, stalls, variations of drop ins, jump tricks, maintaining and gaining speed. You should be comfortable dropping in on the bowl at The Yard (3’).

Taught in the bowl at The Yard. The bowl will be free before and after the lesson for free skating.

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Novice Street (9-10PM)

This is a workshop for skaters who have some park skating experience but want to unlock new skills. You should be comfortable rolling down a bank, pumping and rolling into transitions. Possible topics include drop-ins, box slides, rotations, grinds, basic lines, keeping the flow in the streets and tips on using wax.

Taught in the Street Section of The Yard (upstairs). The Street Section will be open for an hour before for free skating.

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Financial Aid

This event is being offered at cost by Rideau Rollers. If the cost is a barrier to you being able to participate please contact

Code of Conduct

This event is governed by our Code of Conduct.

Updated Jan 6: Renamed “Intermediate Street” to “Novice Street” and clarified the level of skill required