Where to Skate in Ottawa

Where to Skate in Ottawa

This is a listing of venues and community organizations. Check out our blog for a list of specific upcoming events this month!

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Ottawa Quad Rollerskating Club

OQS runs a weekly roller disco at Carleton’s Norm Fenn Gym (in the winter) or the Rideau Curling Club (in the summer). They also run themed roller discos in a number of venues.

Tickets must be purchased ahead of time on Eventbrite. Rental skates are available.

Ottawa Quad Sessions Website

City of Ottawa - Lansdowne

The city offers drop-in rollerskating sessions at Lansdowne, and rollerskating lessons. They also have indoor skatepark sessions in the winter which are open to rollerskaters who are interested in park skating.

Check the schedule on the city website for times as it can change.

Lansdowne Recreation Website - under “Drop-in Schedule - Sports”

City of Ottawa - Lois Kemp Arena

The Lois Kemp arena in Blackburn Hamlet has skating sessions indoor in the hockey arena during the summer. There are separate sessions for adults and families.

Check the schedule on the city website as times may change.

Lois Kemp Arena Recreation Website

City of Ottawa - Jim Tubman Chevrolet Arena

The Jim Tubman Chevrolet arena at the Canterbury Recreation Centre has open “rollerblading” sessions in the summer which are open to rollerskaters. This is a covered outdoor rink with a concrete slab.

Jim Tubman Chevrolet Arena Recreation Website

Quad Mob Ottawa

Quad Mob Ottawa (formerly CIB Ottawa) runs a community Facebook group and Discord server to organize skating events and share tips and tricks. Most of the activity is on the Discord server.

Quad Mob Ottawa Facebook

Ottawa Valley Roller Derby

OVRD is one of Ottawa’s Roller Derby leagues. They run regular 101 sessions to learn the basics of skating and roller derby.

OVRD Website

Ottawa Roller Derby

ORD is a roller derby league in Ottawa. They run regular Crash Course sessions to learn the basics of skating and roller derby.

ORD Website

The Yard

Ottawa’s indoor skate park is open to rollerskaters. Note there is no flat space to practice here, you must be comfortable with skate park elements.

The Yard Website